Hack@BVP 3.0

October 15
Bharati Vidyapeeth's College Of Engineering


Hack@BVP 3.0

Hackathon Hack@BVP 3.0 is a­ 12-hour hackathon. Its mission is to provide a thrilling experience to developers and professionals alike. Teams of developers, designers, and innovators will come together to build prototypes of fully functional applications that tackle issues in our enlisted themes. Our themes include Fit India, Anti-Plastic Alternatives, Travels and Tourism and Traffic Control. These topics are gaining a lot of social traction while prompting discussions within the members of the local community. They are addressing these issues in their capacity and we as developers can use platforms such as these to contribute more towards building makes relevant solutions that make this world a more sustainable place. Be a part of this drive of change and register for free at: https://forms.gle/iCbAL5GYjDEdhYWj9
For regular updates stay tuned to our instagram page : https://www.instagram.com/hackbvp3.0/
or you can also connect with us via our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/hackbvp3.0/?ti=as
Sign up as a team of 2-5. Either way, it will be a great way to meet other techies, share ideas and have fun!


1st Position: Noob Master 69 (MAIT)

2nd Position: mind benders(BMIET)

3rd Position: Hack squad(GGSIPU)

Hack, Invent and Create.

A 12 hour Hackathon aimed at exploring your zeal to innovate and challenge your software development skills! Shout out to all computer nerds and gizmo geeks.

Judging Criteria:


How much the solution is aligned with mentioned theme.

Uniqueness/ Originality:

Whether the idea has been thought already by someone.


The functional and technical feasibility of the solution.

Cost of Implementation:

How much cost would it need(lower the cost you need better the solution).

Effectiveness of Idea:

How much it would effect the world.

Implementation completeness:

How much of it you have successfully implemented and demo


1.Allowed team size is 2-5.
2.At the time of registration all team members   are requested to carry a valid College ID to verify their   details.
3. Changes in teams are allowed with prior permission.You may contact us for the same.
4.A security fee of ₹100 per team has to be deposited. This is refundable.
5.Last Date of Registrations is 5th October.
6.Timings of Hackathon 8 AM – 8PM.


Chief Convener:  Prof. Dr. Kirti Gupta (Dean R&D and Head CSE Department, BVCOE, New Delhi)

Convener:  Ms. Narina Thakur (Associate Professor)

Mr. Mohit Tiwari (Assistant Professor)
Mr. Vishal Sharma (Assistant Professor)

Organising faculty:
Mr. Harsh Taneja (Assistant Professor)
Mr. Rajat Gupta (Assistant Professor)
Ms. Vedika Gupta (Assistant Professor)


The "Hack@BVP 3.0" will focus on creating capacity for improvement in destination discovery, forecasting tourism population, as well as navigation and planning around the city. Teams will analyse a range of data provided by public, private, and third sector organisations with a stake in the Indian tourism industry. Their analysis will be used to prototype innovative products, services, or tools that would benefit the tourism industry in India. Delivering $240 billion of spend and supporting more than 100,000 local jobs, India’s tourism industry is one of the most important Industry in economic sectors. The "Hack@Bvp3" is sponsored by Nagarro, Coding blocks, Jamboree, BVPCSI, DSC, BVP Inc. The primary objective is to foster data-driven innovation between the wider technology community and India’s tourism sector.

Event Agenda:

8:00 AM TO 8:15
Reporting time

08:15 AM

09:00 AM

10:00 AM
Start Hacking !

02:00PM TO 03:00 PM


05:00 PM
Final evaluation
Top 5 teams selected

07:00 PM

08:00 PM
Prize distribution


Technical Co-Sponsors

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