Our Mission

To help our students members in every way possible.


The amalgamation of technology and culture and with BVPCSI at the juncture, we provide a cornucopia of opportunities to give you the best of both worlds.

Our Promise

To deliver diverse experience and opportunities to our smart, curious and passionate students.

Our Essence

BVPCSI works on imagination, individuality, inclusively and impact.

Our Vibe

Technical, Cultural and Managerial.

Meet The Team

A corporation is just a collection of people. Here we present the wonderful, creative and passionate people of BVPCSI.

Student Branch Co-ordinator

The Core

Event Management Team

Publicity Team

Human Resources Team

Public Relations Team

Infrastructure and Logistics Team

Design and Creativity Team

Technical Team

Web Development Team

Sponsorship Team

Publication and Documentation Team

Student Representatives

Quizzing and Literature Society

Society for Social Services