Tantalizing tech minds since 2013.

With excellent workshops and seminars by industry experts, you're sure to build a knack for latest technologies and strive towards excellence. BVPCSI exposes you to diverse talented minds, truly enabling thought.


Research Papers

Prestigious CSI Journals regularly invite student authors to submit their research, reports and findings on several topics relevant to the modern tech scenario


BVPCSI in association with CSI encourage student members with grants upto 50k for intuitive and innovative student projects


Regular Competitions like CodeRush and Hackathons are sure to purge your skills


You too seem to be a person of culture

Like Marcus Garvey said "A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots", we At BVPCSI we believe in holistic development of our members and provide them with best cultural and social synergies.



With Quizing and Literature Society, BVPCSI offers quiz enthusiasts to participate and conduct some of the best quizes. Questions that will tickle the intellect in you.


Society of Social Service aims to give back to society. Association with several NGOs helps us in really making and leaving a mark.


The flagship event of BVCOE is the techno-cultural fest of the college. You know you are in for a ride when the day comes.


BVPCSI conducts events which invoke interests and passion among members towards new technologies and society; reaping and nurting the leaders of tommorow.