SSS pledged to make a difference, organize an annual plantation drive around the campus and invite freshers to plant saplings which by the end of 4 years grow into trees thus invoking a sense of belonging.

The blue planet we know is changing, it is evolving and soon it wouldn't be fit for life as we know. Although there are several reasons for this, like the course of nature and the effects of rapid industrialization in the past centuries.

It doesn't matter if we are to blame or not, the truth is that the climate is changing and we can either stand and witness things getting out of hands or take up our responsibilities and pledge to be more responsible of our choices.

Planting a sapling not only initiates the change but also changes something inside us. It imbibes us with a sense of responsibility and empathy towards nature and the blue planet.

Now a days where people are having a habit to live a luxurious life and new cities are born or ready to be made back to back for which a number of trees are cut down, severe damages are being made to forests.

Many forests are lost before time and new building are being continuously constructed on them. This has created a harmful effect on farming & cultivation sector because of lack of sufficient water.

SSS in collaboration with BVPCSI has risen up to the task and organized a plantation drive for the students especially freshers to plant a new sapling around the campus and a chance at redemption.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi.